We're not just another recruiter.


We're transparent. Our low, fixed fee allows more businesses to access crucial hiring services.

1 Year

We take risk away and give you peace of mind. It's only fair our guarantee covers all probation periods.


We're loyal. If we work with you, we only work with you and never a direct competitor.

Assess for

Free per requisition; choose a Vibe, Dive or Glow assessment to align your new hire with your team.

We’re proud to disrupt the norm & bring you a lot more.

Four service areas

Talent Acquisition

We don’t just rely on adverts, we love mapping great talent across the world. 

Understanding the flow of skillset in various global markets is where we work differently, and pass that benefit on to our clients.

Process Improvement

We’ve stood in your shoes and been responsible for delivering people processes that work.

Be it your hiring, onboarding or promotion processes, we can provide improvements on time, efficacy and experience.

Market Analysis

We don’t just work within the sphere of people services, we relish it and at heart we are a bunch geeks.

Having our finger on the pulse of trends, gives us pride in knowing we can pass that knowledge on to benefit our clients


We believe what we do is an art. It takes many years to develop skills that lead to successful placements.

As such, we can offer insightful coaching to hiring managers from interviewing best practice to unconscious bias.

Eight step process

1. Investigate

Initial meeting with hiring team to ascertain team dynamics, core needs and time line.

2. Strategy

Having understood your critical needs, we will determine which of our strategies will work best.

3. Implement

Implement and execute your bespoke talent attraction strategy & regular syncs with you.

4. Shortlist

Shortlist of candidates with their nura profiles. Pass rate will vary and discussed beforehand.

5. Interview Management

Scheduling, and advise you the best techniques for each individual interviewed.

6. Offer Management

Securing you talent starts much earlier in our process which preserves negotiating power.

7. Onboarding

Liaise with onboarding & HR to ensure a smooth experience. RTW will have been checked, saving time.

8 Check-ins

Check-ins with candidates & clients, at 1, 3 & 6 months. It is our complimentary aftercare service.

Hire Intelligence's approach enhances the candidates journey and reduces attrition.

Combine Talent and Nura to create a formidable hiring process