diversity intelligence alliance

The Diversity Intelligence Alliance (DIA) is a global network dedicated to eliminating bias in AI through diverse collaboration. We bring together experts from various fields to develop fair, ethical AI systems.

The Crest

The Diversity Intelligence Alliance crest is a symbol of excellence in promoting diversity and inclusivity within organizations worldwide. This distinguished emblem is awarded to companies that demonstrate exceptional commitment and success in these areas.


Dove: Represents unity and peace, symbolizing the collective effort to achieve inclusivity.
Bear: Emblematic of strength, resilience, and global reach, highlighting the universal importance of diversity.
Laurel Branches: Multi-coloured leaves signify the beauty and strength of diverse identities coming together.
Icons: Represent global unity, justice, and equality, reflecting our core values.

Recognition & Display

Awarded companies are recognized leaders in diversity and inclusivity. Members of the Diversity Intelligence Alliance (MoDIA) or Nura Certified organizations proudly display this crest in their publications, email signatures, and communications, showcasing their dedication to a more inclusive world.

Join us in celebrating and advancing diversity with the Diversity Intelligence Alliance crest—a mark of honor and a brighter future for all.

Our cross-border knowledge shapes NURA into a transparent & equitable system

Our international collaboration addresses AI biases by taking a thoughtful, responsible approach, unlike major tech companies that rush products to market. We aim to develop fair AI solutions informed by diverse global perspectives, promoting fairness and mitigating unintended harm. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we learn from past mistakes and build on ethical AI progress.

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