Not basic psychometrics

Evolved assessments, leveraging powerful behavioural science and nura AI

Pleasant yet powerful.

Unlike the dreaded psychometric test, they don’t stress candidates to anticipate general reactions. Instead, we use highly
engaging assessments that focus on motivation and values-based drivers – a far better way to understand behaviour.

The innovation.

Deci and Ryan’s theoretical model asserts that long-term motivation cannot be sustained solely through external
factors (compensation or social status). Instead, it emphasizes the significance of intrinsic motivation

  1. Competence: The ability to perform tasks effectively and meet expectations.
  2. Autonomy: The freedom to creatively tackle challenges independently.
  3. Relatedness: The presence of a supportive social network.

In essence, true motivation springs from within, fuelled by these intrinsic needs and this is how behaviour can be understood.


Gamified, mobile-friendly and fast. 

Vibe measures personalities. This is more than an assessment for your candidates and employees. They’ll benefit from a meaningful experience with concrete feedback for improvement even if they are not selected.

There's far more to people than their CV.

Dive enables you to grasp what motivates each of your potential and current staff members so that you can discover, recruit and nurture the suitable people for the appropriate positions in your company.

An assessment that looks nothing like a exam.

Conventional cognitive assessments are lengthy, boring and dissatisfy applicants and workers. Glow uses adaptive technology and contemporary UX principles to shorten test duration and ease disengagement. 

And they don't take long.

VIBE: Average test (Mins)
DIVE: Average test (Mins)
GLOW: Average test (Mins)

Expert coaching with unparalleled business acumen.

Surpass competitors.

Top business leaders are accelerating success by ensuring their teams and leadership are operating at peak performance.

Ahead of the curve.

In today’s fast-paced business world, the key to success lies in strategic partnerships with elite Team and Executive Coaches. Hire Intelligence offers specialized coaching services to enhance leadership, team cohesion, and organizational performance, ensuring you navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape with ease.

The ICF.

Our coaches are not only seasoned leaders but also accredited members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), equipped to deliver proven strategies that drive success. Transform your business with Hire Intelligence Coaching and unlock a new level of effectiveness and achievement.

Unlock Untapped, Sustained Team Success.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching revolutionizes team dynamics with deep exploration and tailored support, pinpointing and refining behaviours for sustainable growth. Beyond temporary fixes offered by standard team building, this method instils a lasting culture of progress and accountability. It ensures teams not only achieve immediate improvements but are also prepared for ongoing challenges with lasting behavioural transformation and enhanced performance.

Experience the transformative power of Team Coaching for sustained team excellence. Dive into our interactive guides to learn more.

True Purpose

We work with teams to jointly establish a genuine shared goal, fostering alignment, enhanced dedication, and well-defined roles and responsibilities.


We coach teams to create authentic trust and psychological safety, which encourages productive discussions and challenges. This approach leads to improved results and eliminates the concern of negative repercussions.


We guide teams into the ways of adopting a culture of mutual accountability in a respectful manner, emphasizing collective achievement over individual agendas.


We illuminate hidden team dynamics and their effects, enabling teams to enhance their interactions and cultivate more productive relationships through increased awareness.


We guide leaders in consciously shaping their current and desired culture, focusing on the values and behaviors they exemplify and the most effective ways to implement significant change.


Outstanding teams place team-wide success above department-specific achievements. We assist teams in fostering a collaborative approach to results, enhancing their dedication to fulfilling commitments.

Elevate Your Leadership: Gain Insight, Achieve Clarity.

Executive Coaching

Unlock your full potential as a leader with the guidance of an executive coach. Dive deep into your leadership style, identify barriers to success, and discover strategies to move forward more efficiently. Our executive coaching sessions are designed to foster self-awareness, illuminate blind spots, and inspire innovative thinking for strategic problem-solving and opportunity maximization.

Partner with us to access new perspectives and transformative insights, enhancing your ability to navigate leadership challenges. Executive coaching is your pathway to overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities with confidence. Explore our interactive resources below for further inspiration.


Higher individual performance

Attained goals and clearer communication.


Higher Organisational Performance

Increased revenue and lower attrition.



Based on various factors like increased productivity and higher employee retention.


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